SEND(Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Special Educational Needs


Northwood Primary School

 SEND (Special Education Needs & Disabilities) Reforms 2014

As from the 1st September 2014 the Department for Education have introduced reforms to the way support is provided to children with Special Educational Needs.  These reforms are wide reaching and impact significantly on how we work with parents and support children.

Key Changes:

Northwood has produced a ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy. This is a document which outlines how we support children with special needs and their families. The policy encapsulates how our school manages special educational needs and what parents can expect from us.  You can find the policy on a separate link below.

Northwood Primary School Send Offer

which links with the Isle of Wight Offer.

Northwood Primary SEND Policy 2016-17

SEND Provision Map 2017

As from September 2014 all schools in England and Wales have to publish a ‘Provision Map’ outlining what additional support and services they provide to children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.  This Provision Map makes clear to parents the costs involved in providing this support.  

Below is Northwood’s Provision Map for 2016-2017, our provision map will reviewed and updated annually. 

Northwood Provision Map 2016-17

FURTHER SUPPORT – Who can I ask for support, or talk to if I would like to discuss my child’s special educational needs?

Mrs. Angela Strand – National Award for Senco (NASENCO) – Awarded August 2016

Mrs. Christine Haynes – SEN Assistant

Mrs. Jemma Harding – Special Needs Governor Representative

Email: [email protected]                                     Telephone- 01983 293392




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— Ofsted 2017
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