Register of Interests/Meeting Attendance

  • Governors Register of Interests

All of our School Governors are required to provide details of any relevant business interests. Here is a link to these interests.



Governors Meetings

The meetings dates for the Governors for 2019-2020 are given below:

Governor Meeting Attendance :

All Governors attend the Full Governing Body (FGB).   There are at least 6 meetings a year.    All Governors also attend either the Assessment, Curriculum and Learning Committee (ACL) or the Finance, Management and Administration committee (FMA).

Below is a link to documents showing the attendance of Governors at these meetings by year

The percentage of attendance of Governors at meetings in the academic year 2019-2020 are:


  • Hannah Devereux – 100%
  • Perdita Dusgate – 60%
  • Viv Garrett – 87.5%
  • ** Jodie Gibson – 87.5%
  • *Jemma Harding – 0%
  • Sarah Hussey – 100%
  • ***Sian Mumford – 100%
  • Russell Osman – 100%
  • *Rachel Pascoe – 100%
  • **Emma Pugh – 80%
  • Neil Reed – 100%
  • Avril Sice – 100%
  • Brian Taplin – 90%
  • Dean Thistlewood – 100%

* Resigned from the Governing Body during the year

** Joined the Governing Body during the year

*** Sian Mumford attending meetings from March 2020 as the Acting Head Teacher

All Governors are on the Full Governing Body.


ACL Membership through 2019-2020

Perdita Dusgate, Viv Garrett, Jodie Gibson, Jemma Harding*, Sarah Hussey, Rachel Pascoe**, Brian Taplin, Dean Thistlewood (Chair)

FMA Membership through 2019-2020:

Hannah Devereux, Viv Garrett, Sarah Hussey, Neil Reed (Chair), Russell Osman, Emma Pugh Avril Sice

*Resigned 5 September 2019, **Resigned 9 December 2019


From April 2020 all meetings were held by Video-conference.

It was agreed that after April 2020 that ACL committee meetings were suspended whilst the school was not teaching the curriculum due to lockdown requirements on the school.





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