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Maths Curriculum Evening 6th March 2014

Maths Curriculum Evening – 6th March 2014


We recently held a curriculum evening for parents and carers to inform you of changes to the National Curriculum and give you opportunities to see how Maths is taught here at Northwood.   Children in year 1 – 4 will have been given a new reading and maths journal for home. This is for you to record not just your child’s reading but also any maths skills that you practice with them. Inside the journal are the key mathematical skills that your child will learn and consolidate during each term of the academic year they are in. Instead of setting homework every week you can work your way through these objectives at a time that suits you. When you have practised with your child just sign and date next to the skill you have been focussing on.  In year 5 and 6 maths homework will continue to be set weekly in preparation for secondary school. Learning is a partnership and we appreciate any support that you can give us, however we do understand that you all have very busy lives.  We were overwhelmed by the support we had for the evening as over 60 parents attended our session – thank you!