NORTHWOOD Primary School
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Willow Tree

Welcome to Willow Tree

Key Stage: One

Teacher: Mr Dave Bryant

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Jurgita Bates

Each day, our time in class is filled with learning – through listening to stories, copying our teacher and trying out new things
ourselves. We have our own home table with our own tray. In the tray we have our exercise books and pencils in a case, scissors and glue-stick and a reading folder. We need to keep our trays tidy! We also have our own hook for our coats and things. We have three playtimes, one in the morning, one at lunch time and one in the afternoon. We have our lunches in our class too, but we clean our tables first. Our teacher is Mr Bryant and Jurgita helps us each day too. Each day he tells us that he is there to help us as we learn so we shouldn’t worry but just do our best! – We like that!

Our teacher reads us 3 or 4 stories each day and we have a chat about the author, the pictured, the characters and what’s happening in
the story. We even try and guess what’s going to happen before Mr Bryant turns the page! We read ourselves each day and we keep one or two reading books with the colour bands on [like red, blue, orange and purple] in our Reading Folder. Most days, we then choose a picture from our book to draw and colour and then we write the sentence that goes with the picture. We keep all our drawings sheets in our folder. It’s filling up quickly! In our fantastic Phonics, we revisit a lot of sounds we have already learned and then we learn a new one each day. We play phonic games together, like Buried Treasure, Snowball Sounds, Matching the pictures, Filling in the Blanks, Quick-Write, Robot Sounds and drawing pictures to match the sentence on the board. Then we practise our new sounds at our table in our big Phonic book. We also have some spellings and handwriting each day to help us join-up the letters in each word.

We have maths each day and we are taking time to remember some things we learned last year and then we learn some new things. We are learning about Tens and Ones and Place Value – how many tens, how many ones, and how to make a number like 24 = 20 + 4. Mr Bryant asks us, “What does the 2 mean in 24?” And we can say “That’s 2 tens, 20!” We have used Place Value cards and counters, tens-sticks and ones, and strings of beads to help us. We also do some Morning Maths when we come in which Mr Bryant lays out for us each day. He does come round and helps us if we are stuck! We like that too!

It’s hard at the moment because we cannot sing in class, but we are practising lots of rhythms instead. We use a pencil for a drumstick and tap our tables in time with the music we hear. This is a lot of fun because we hear some great music and we have to listen to the beat of the tune. We also use percussion instruments like maracas, egg-shakers, tambourines, two-tone blocks, claves, jingle-sticks and triangles to make patterns of music. Mr Bryant can’t wait to sing again!

We are looking at the world around us and where living things live – their habitats. We found out that some things are living, some things used to live, like paper [from trees], cotton [cotton-bushes], shells and ammonites, and some things have never lived [anything made of stone, metal or plastic]. We will look at forests and woods, seashores and meadows, and other habitats. We have also collected lots of seeds sunflower seeds, runner bean seeds, honesty seeds, acorns and conkers. We are going to try and grow some of these later, in the New Year.

We are writing everyday and trying hard to join-up. We write when we do our spellings, and our phonics and sentences. We then read them back to make sure they make sense.