NORTHWOOD Primary School
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Elm Team

Welcome to Elm Team

Key Stage: Two

Teacher: Mrs Jacqui Burrows

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Sue Chessel

As your children reach Elm Tree they embark on their journey into Key Stage Two- a transition that we strive to ensure is a seamless and happy one. In Year 3, we follow an exciting broad and balanced curriculum in which we consolidate and build on skills learned in Key Stage One, while introducing the crucial stepping stones to becoming successful, enthusiastic and independent learners in Key Stage Two.

Our bright and welcoming classroom provides a positive learning environment with all classroom routines, rewards and activities promoting the “can do” Growth Mindset that features so prominently in our Northwood whole school ethos. In Elm Class, all learning is celebrated, as are the mistakes and first attempts that may lead us to some of our best achievements. Class texts are carefully selected in Elm Tree, as a love of and deep interest in words, books and reading is at the core of all our learning in Year 3. A wide range of stories, poems and non-fiction texts will be listened to and discussed in order to improve comprehension skills and explore different structures and purposes. Children will be introduced to the Dictionary and Thesaurus in Term 1 and by Term 3 will have mastered the skills needed to use these to enrich their understanding of words and broaden vocabulary choices. Daily explicit phonics teaching will pick up from exactly where it ended in Key Stage One and prior learning will be visited regularly. Year 3 and 4 spelling words will also be embedded in our learning. The children will continue to venture their way through the Colour Band book system, each being challenged to read every day, improving their fluency and understanding. In daily Maths sessions, previous learning from Key Stage One is always revisited and consolidated before introducing any new concept. A wide range of times table challenges are introduced and the children are encouraged to notice patterns and sequences with numbers. Practical equipment is used on a daily basis to aid and reinforce understanding and all children are challenged to become eager and enthusiastic mathematicians.

A sense of inquisitiveness and a zest for new knowledge is nurtured as children experience learning through a range of exciting topics in Year 3, including: The Stone Age, Volcanoes and Earthquakes and the History of Medicine. In Science, children are encouraged to ask questions, challenged to set up fair tests and to draw their own conclusions based on the evidence they find. Creativity and imagination are at the forefront of all Art and writing opportunities, with the expectation that children will be keen to make improvements as they develop the skills to evaluate their own work and identify their successes. Above all, in Elm Tree we aim to be a happy class where all children develop the confidence, the resilience, the motivation and the skills they need to be the best they can be