NORTHWOOD Primary School
"A world of opportunities"

Sycamore Team

Welcome to Sycamore

Key Stage: Two

Teacher: Mr Stephen Emmet

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Theresa Jordan, Mrs Christine Haynes, Mrs Rebecca Mooney, Mrs Sarah Collier, Mrs Elaine Wykes

As soon as the day starts in Year 5 the children are engaged, motivated and focused on their learning. We value the importance of encouraging independence in all children as well as supporting everyone’s learning needs. We build on prior resilience and continue to encourage the children to have a go and learn from the mistakes they make as we carry on along our Northwood learning journey.

A broad and balanced curriculum is enjoyed by all as we delve into the exciting topics of The Solar System, The Rain Forest, Ancient Greece, Romans in Britain and The Anglo Saxon Period.

We spend our year developing our creative writing skills, mastering the different maths concepts and working on our mathematical fluency as well as deepening our understanding in all of the curriculum areas.

A couple of the Year 5 highlights are our Residential Trip to East Dene and of course our chocolate making factory where we follow the journey of the cocoa bean and turn into persuasive sales people pitching and selling our homemade chocolate bars to the school community.