Mrs. Strand, Mrs. Essery, Mrs. Hayward and Mrs. Romero welcome you to Apple Tree Class and this half term our focus will be:

Once Upon A Time … Castles and Dragons

Our exciting learning will take us to visit a real castle this half term and learn how people lived in castles, what they wore, the tools they used and the different parts of a castle.

• We will learn about now and then and develop our understanding of changes that happen over time.
• We will learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and a range of castle related stories including
Sleeping Beauty.
• We will grow our own beanstalk and learn how to care for our beans.
• We will write and draw about what was at the top of the beanstalk.
• We will make bean mosaics and investigate the different beans available.
• We will count and measure with beans focusing on doubling, halving and sharing.
• We will make our own castle in the classroom to roleplay in and make smallworld castles in the workshop.
• We will write about the different features of a castle.
• Encourage a ‘Growth Mindset’ and positive learning environment that inspires children to take on challenges in their learning.

We will celebrate our learning with a banquet and finish off the spring term learning about the Festival of Easter.

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