A very happy New Year and welcome to the Spring Term in Apple Tree.

Our theme for this half term will be Traditional Stories. Our learning focus will be thinking critically and creatively when we are challenged to independently design, develop and create our own ideas.
We will be making a chair for a bear
We will make reflective clothing for a bear to wear
We will make a pair of shoes and understand how shoes are made
We will design and make our own flowers
We will read and learn traditional stories that we can recount and write our own versions.
We will estimate and count numbers to 20 and know 1 more or 1 less than a given number
We will revise known 2D and 3D shapes and use mathematical language to describe them
We will begin Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds learning two sounds a week and revising Phase 2 skills of blending and segmenting
We will celebrate Chinese New Year. Preparing stir fry, making coolie hats, writing Chinese numbers and fortune cookies.
We will taste exotic fruit from and begin our healthy five fruit/vegetable challenge a day.

Plus so much more …

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