Welcome to the Second Half of the Autumn Term in Apple Tree Class from Mrs. Strand

We are changing our theme to learn a range of Nursery Rhymes with a focus on animals, transport and weather rhymes through exciting play opportunities: Our Continuous Provision will reflect children’s ideas and interests as they develop their critical thinking skills and positive attitude towards learning.
We will be:
• Finding out what it was like when our parents went to school and telling each other what our parents said
using photos or artefacts
• Continuing to learn and keep the Golden Rules and really getting to know what makes a good friend
• Starting Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds
• Learning about garden birds, building a bird hide to watch out for and record bird movement using tally
• Healthy Eating – Tesco Farm to Fork – Finding out where our food comes from
• Making and eating our own cheese
• Observing and recording weather – making rain catchers – exploring rainbows
• Reception Mastery Maths for Depth – Measure – Numbers within 8 – Numbers with 10
• Role-playing, dancing or re-telling the rhymes we are learning using puppets and small world
• Dancing to extend our gross/fine motor skills to music
• Writing at every opportunity both inside and outside
• Enjoying Forest School
• Celebrating our learning at every opportunity
Plus so much more …

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— 2017 Ofsted
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