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September 28th – 2nd October

On Friday KS2 talked to Alex Gregory over Skype. We were told that we had to go down to the hall for something very important. When we got there up on the white board was Skype and on Skype Alex had asked to talk to us. We made some questions in class and Mr Hill chose some of his favourite questions and the children who wrote those questions got up and went to the computer and asked their questions to Alex. One of the questions was how many rowers are in your row boat? And Alex said there are now 8 rowers in the row boat. He told us they would go to Portugal to train so they can get used to the heat.

Welcome to … our new students Emily and Hayden joining Beech year 4!

In P.E. we split into 3 groups. One group
did net ball another did tag rugby the other did hockey.

In P.E. we learned how to intercept it was not easy it was really hard.

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