NORTHWOOD Primary School
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Welcome back to the Summer Term in Apple Tree

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We complete our Living Things Theme with a focus on Mini-beasts this half term.
We will be:
• Enjoying our school Community Build as we celebrate 160 years of Northwood Primary School.
• Writing lists, facts, rhymes, stories and memories.
• Math Problem solving – making our own recordings of our findings.
• Observing the life-cycle of a butterfly in the classroom and releasing our butterflies in the meadow.
• Watching snails and hunting for insects in the meadow.
• Pond dipping and exploring insect habitats in Forest School.
• Role-playing in a laboratory, bug café and Ice Cream Parlour.
• Designing and creating popcorn cones, sand sculptures, clay snails.
• Exploring our own interests through a variety of media.
• We will continue to be hosts to next year’s children as they join us to play.
• We will spend two days in our new classroom on moving up days.
• We will celebrate the year we have spent in Apple Tree and take a look back over what we have achieved.

Plus so much more …