Now and Then!

Now and Then – our topic.

Wow, wasn’t it different ‘back then’! Willow Tree and Cherry Tree classes have been investigating what it was like to live around 100 years ago. We visited Carisbrooke Castle where we were shown lots of ‘old fashioned toys’ including some to play with. Clock-work, wooden, metal toys some with string, no batteries – the children played with the toys for two whole hours!

At school we decided to have a Toy Challenge, when the children would NOT play with any electronic toys for a whole week!  They would use their spare time playing with the type of toys their parents and grandparents probably did. Initially they and their parents thought this would be a problem but everyone said that the children found it fun. Board games, card games, playing with other family members became the normal pattern of play. Some families even wrote timetables and same are continuing to restrict electronic games.

We are now half-way through our Year 1 or Year 2 years in our classes – time flies! We, as teachers are looking forward to seeing you in our next and final Parent Interviews sessions on the 23rd and 24th of March.

‘Sausages and beans’

You are invited to a vey important session on Phonics on either

Tuesday 3rd March at 1800, or

Wednesday 4th March at 1430,

both in Willow Tree with Mr Bryant. A letter has gone out to every child in Apple, Cherry and Willow Tree inviting you. Even if you have lost the letter, you are still welcome. We will be talking about how we teach children to read, through phonics and how you can help your child at home with their reading.

Although this term is short – 5 weeks, it is very busy. In Year 2 we have been continuing to learn our times tables, making clay candle-holders, re-writing well the known story of the Gingerbread Man, looking at division, parables of Jesus, and improving our reading, writing and maths skills.

Both classes are studying well-known people from the past such as Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria.  British Values, which we also value at our school, are also being studied appropriately at each Key Stage level. Responsibility, tolerance, patience, rules, and the school council are amongst the subjects being studied.

Learning at home – I cannot overemphasise the importance of encouraging your child to do their reading and Spelling Bees regularly at home. By helping them to create special times in their busy lives, you are helping them for the future at school. They also feel lots of success and achievement every time they get their Spelling Bees correct and move up a level in reading.

Thank you, Mr Bryant.

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