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Cherry Tree and Willow Tree children have been settling into their new classes and new year groups. They have been getting to know each other and making new friends. They have also been looking at the school’s Golden Rules, rules to help us work, learn and play with each other, hearing about the teacher’s high expectations and sharpening their ‘I Can’ attitudes.

Our topic in Key Stage 1 [Years 1 & 2], is BUILDINGS.

During this topic [which goes up to December], the children will be

  • studying types of buildings in the local area,
  • studying the capitals and countries of the United Kingdom [including Scotland of course],
  • studying and making simple maps,
  • visiting our local church at Northwood, an old building, to see what it is like,
  • practising skills that we might need for making model houses,
  • choosing and making a model of a famous building from around the world [half-term project],
  • writing letters to Bob the Builder, describing the details of a chosen building they’d like to ‘build’,
  • studying dynamics and pitch in music, including our new music reading curriculum – Stave House,
  • studying and investigating common materials around us – metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber, paper etc. and carrying out experiments,
  • visiting Newport Fire Station,
  • studying the facts of Fire of London including making our own model buildings of the time and see how a fire spreads through them.

Both Mrs Mumford and Mr Bryant welcome your help when supporting your child at home, with regular reading, spellings bees and maths games. These short but regular times with your child, as you know, are invaluable as part of their learning. These and other Key Stage 1 matters will be covered  at a ‘Meet The Team’ meeting on Wednesday 17th at 1800 in Willow Tree class. We look forward to sing you there.

Bodiam Castle                          Thatched cottage



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My husband and I love this school and really appreciate the fact the teachers and support staff will listen to any concerns we have.

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