“Ahoy my hearties”

Hi everyone,

We’re having a great time with our new topic – The Sea!

Following a super ‘Titanic Day’ where we all dressed up as first and third class passengers on-board the ill-fated luxury liner, we have just returned from a very successful trip to the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth. In the space of one sunny day across the Solent, we travelled back yet again and found out what it was like to be a sailor on the first iron-hulled war-ship – H.M.S. Warrior. This ship could be powered by sail or steam, or both, reaching speeds of 17 knots. Further back in time, we trod on the wooden decks of H.M.S. Victory where Lord Nelson was shot and eventually died. Again, this was a war-ship where sailors slept, ate, drank and ‘relaxed’ amongst the many cannons.

The children of Willow and Cherry behaved excellently all day, found their sea-legs on the Solent and slept very well that night according to many mums! Several of the children were hoping to ask their parents to see if they could return to the Dockyard again – an easy walk from the Ryde to Portsmouth Fast-Cat.  The cost of the trip was subsidised by the gallant efforts of many cake-makers [nautical theme] of Cherry and Willow families. A huge thank you to everyone who helped.

Of course, singing songs about the sea and ships is a major part of school life in our classes. Everyday you will hear the children singing songs, favourites and topic based songs. Do ask your child what their favourite song is. A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea is a great one along with 40 Years On An Iceberg. Others include The Big Ship Sails On the Alley Alley-O, Down By The Bay, Octopus’s Garden, and Donkey Riding.

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My husband and I love this school and really appreciate the fact the teachers and support staff will listen to any concerns we have.

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