Art & Artists – Laura Holloway visits!

Hi all from Willow Tree Y2 Class!

A new school year in Autumn and our topic is Art & Artists – a chance to look at all things art. Already we have not only settled into a Year 2 life with its new routines and higher expectations but also started to enjoy looking at many pieces of art, older and newer. Do visit our Creative Writing Board with the children’s individual views on various paintings like ‘The Young Girl With Her Maid,’ ‘The 3 Musicians’ and John Constable’s ‘The Hay Wain.’

Today was a highlight for us all when a real live artist joined us in the class to talk to us about her paintings and to guide us through how she paints. Laura Holloway, [] born on the Island, who works on the mainland as a freelance artist and known to the Cowley family, very kindly gave up her time to come and share her skills with us. She told us about her paintings, showed us some prints of others and then gave us a master class in beginning a sketch. Your children loved her and drew their own pictures, inspired by her encouragment and friendship. Laura then went round and signed their pictures with a sparkly pen!




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