Green Fingers!

Our new summer topic is Green Fingers. Lots of growing plants and investigating how they grow, what they need and how to look after them. Two lots of bulbs already planted in class and a visit from a ‘flower seller’ who showed us all the types of flowers he sells around the Island and where in the world they came from.  Visits to our school garden and allotment coming up. Willow Tree children have drawn amazing sketches of flower heads too and a paper diagram of a growing bulb. Do come in and check out the growing stock !


Year 2 is an important time for the children as they come to their last year in Key Stage 1 and move up in September to Key Stage 2, to Year 3. Indeed it is their last full term! They have certainly achieved so much! In writing, we are working on plurals, apostrophes, spelling patterns, alternative spellings and pronunciations. And now we are learning what a paragraph is!

In numeracy, we tackle morning work well and find it gets easier as we go through the week – hard on Monday, easy on Friday. Times tables each day, adding 2, 3, and 4 numbers, working out the change from a pound when shopping and working out vertical addition and subtraction. We like using the 30cm ruler as a number-line too!

Our reading time in Willow is called ERIC – Everyone Reading In Class, and it is often a joy to watch and listen to the children enjoying their books. When the weather is good, we go outside for P.E. and this week we moved our ball catching and dribbling skills up a notch in the glorious sunshine – a few red faces the next day.  We’re also looking at maps and plans in geography and how Jewish people celebrate their faith in R.E.

Many thanks for the special morning time each day as the children show you what they can do, sometimes with help, sometimes without. And thank you for keeping in touch with us with all those small but important messages about, picking up, appointments, illnesses etc.

Thank you for reading our latest bulletin, Mr Bryant, Mrs Payne & Mrs Romero – the Willow Tree team. We look forward to seeing you perhaps on the 3rd May Open Morning.



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