Newsletter 1st February

· ‘Lovely Lunchtimes’ – This week our lunch-time staff have had up-dated training
and undertaken an audit of what happens in school during the busiest hour of the
day. Lunch-times can often be a flash point with children letting off steam after
concentrating all morning. It may involve rougher games than we would like or falling
out with friends. We are committed to making our lunch times as fun, safe and
positive as possible. At the moment all the children are playing on the playground,
but we do have the ‘Orchard’ open for our older children as a common room. Our
play leaders direct safe play outside and Rowenn Churchill and Euan Welstead have
put themselves forward to be ‘Playground Buddies’. Football is played on a rota basis
and not until the younger children go in at 1o’clock. We know that this time of day is
important and are working hard together to make it as special as possible for all the
children. The lunch-time staff have asked that you can help us in the following ways:
Please do not over-pack your child’s lunch box as it means they either sit for ages
trying to eat it all or they try and sneak food into the bin! Please cut up any large
grapes or olives for younger children as they can be a choking hazard. Please
ensure your child is happy with what you have ordered for them if they are having a
school dinner as there are a few children who do not eat very much at all. Don’t
forget you can always order a jacket potato or a filled baguette as an alternative
meal. Thank you.
· Playtime Snacks – Although we have previously allowed Key Stage 2 children to
bring healthy snacks for playtime, I am afraid we are going to ask that they now only
eat fruit at playtime as not all the children are putting their rubbish in the bin. It is
such a shame that the playground is becoming littered with wrappers after morning
· Supporters of Northwood – A meeting was held in school on Thursday morning
and the following events have been planned. A Valentine’s Day cake stall after
school on Thursday 14th February, Quiz Night on Friday 1st March and a Yoga Night
on Wednesday 6th March. Please look out for more details on their own letter to
follow soon.
· Childcare – Karen Tewkesbury (Sarah’s Mum) is a registered childminder. If you are
interested in using her then please contact her on 247562 or 07846546968. She will
take children of any age and is available during weekdays, weekends and holidays.
You will only pay for the time you use.
Ian Tremlett, Millie Cumpsty and Joshua Swift in Willow
Ellie Taylor, Joseph Smith and Matthew Thomas in Apple
Ella Martin, Elliot Paynter-Jones and Ishbel Eade in Cherry
Cottage Pie
Cheese and Tomato Tart with New Potatoes
Fresh Carrots and Sweetcorn
Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Berry Chill
Chicken Wraps
Penne Pasta Vegetable Bake with Isle of Wight Garlic and Herb Bread
Roasted Vegetables and Garden Peas
Vegetable Sticks
Syrup and Orange Cake with Custard
Roast Pork with Crispy Roast Potatoes and Gravy
Quorn Roast with Crispy Roast or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Fresh Cabbage and Fresh Parsnips
Healthy Green Salad
Giant Crunchy Cookie with Fresh Fruit Slices
Tuna Pasta Bake
Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Jacket Potato
Garden Peas and Fresh Carrots
Apple, Cucumber and Celery Salad
Marble Cake with Chocolate Sauce
Chicken Burger in a Bun with Chipped Potatoes
Vegetable Risotto
Baked Beans and Fresh Broccoli
Light Crunchy Coleslaw
Crunchy Plum Crumble with Custard

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The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.

— 2017 Ofsted
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