Who am I?

A new year, a new topic for Year 2 children in Willow Tree!

After a super Autumn term of settling into year 2 life, setting fire to giant ‘Fire of London’ [1666]  model houses on the school field and producing an very successful Christmas Nativity, we are busy looking at ourselves in many ways. We have worked with a partners to measure ourselves [in mm and cm] from our little fingers, spans, arms, legs to our heights. Next we plan to put these measurements on a bar chart to compare data about the class. Willow children are turning out to be awesome artists, having sketched themselves and some of their friends, again in pairs. It’s a real eye-opener to us when sketching to find that our eyes are not on the top of our heads, but half-way down, level with our ears! We will be answering questions regarding ourselves and our bodies. Do children with the longest legs jump further?  Do children with the longest fingers hold the most cubes? And other ideas generated from the children.

From a history view, Who am I? will take us on an investigation into our family trees. It’s so important for us all to know where we come from, our loved ones, our relationships and our families. Willow children will bring home a Family Tree investigation for you to plan and return [no need to join Ancestry.com!].

Willow children are also amazing me with their reading skills! They are SO keen! We have a ‘quiet’ reading time every day, usually after lunch where you will see us all enjoying stories, sharing good story plots, ‘borrowing’ WOW words for our Magpie Books. We love to read with a partner too and look for adjectives and adverbs.  We have been using these words when writing too, to help add detail to our written stories. Do look out for these when reading at home!

Our Golden Rules are rules for living happily with each other and our weekly Circle Time helps us to spend time looking at what they mean in everyday situations.

Do be gentle – just when a teacher is looking or all the time, in class and at play?

Do be kind – helping a friend or adult

Do be helpful – looking out for others and being willing to help

Do work hard – our time together at school is precious, let’s not waste it

Do be honest – telling the truth is always best

Do look after property – our pens and boards and the things we use around us cost money and we need to look after them especially if others use them as well.

Thank you to all of you who spend a few moments setting your child in the mornings. It’s so amazing that a Morning Activity begun on Monday with difficulty is breezed through on Friday – a good sign of learning. So far these activities have been maths based and are all skills that the children need or are working on from the Year 2 numeracy curriculum. Finally, Mr Bryant is ‘over-the-moon’ with how the children have taken to mind-maps, a visual way of writing down what’s in our mind. E.g. for a recent mind-map of  ‘rigid’ things [last term’s materials topic], the children moved on to a level 2 approach with a ‘cupboard’ with all rigid things and ‘shelves’ to sort them out – rigid things we can pick up and these we cannot pick up. Having completed over 30 daily mind-maps on our mini-whiteboards, we now have our own mind-map books to show and to add to each day. Each child is unique in the way they present their own thoughts and ideas for these maps and is a brilliant way to help them organize what the are thinking on any one topic.

Many thanks from the Willow Tree team – Mr Bryant, Mrs Payne, Mrs Romero and Mrs Wykes!

Northwood Primary School – a World of Opportunities!


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Pupils’ behaviour is good. Pupils work hard in lessons, mix well with each other and contribute to the school community.

— 2015 Ofsted
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