Brick By Brick

Hi everyone from Willow Tree our Year 2 class.

We’ve had a busy time settling in to our new routines and following up on some Olympic heroes and events. What an epic occasion for us to be part of, seeing sportsmen and women doing so well for Team GB! We’ve talked about the sort things the Olympians had to do such as work hard, eat well, practise and persevere. We thought that we all learn a thing or two from them.

We  will be looking at buildings and materials over the next few weeks during our next topic – BRICK BY BRICK. This is a great way of looking at the wider world around our home and school, starting with the local area and village. All materials used in building have their own particular properties and we will be investigating them and finding out why they are used. Why is glass used for windows? Can we have a school uniform made of paper?

The children will be investigating a famous building of their choice later on at home and will then come and talk to the class about it. We hope to then invite parents in to celebrate their work.

We are a busy class but if you need to ask a question, please do. We will always make time. There is also a communication book that we write all day-to-day notices in e.g. Fred is going home with Bert; Susy will be in late as she has a dentist appointment.

Thanks from Mr Bryant and the Willow Team – Mrs Payne, Mrs Romero & Mrs Wykes

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