Summer Term – The Sea

The year is going quickly and we are in the Summer term already.

Our new topic is The Sea and we will be looking at everything we possibly can to do with the sea.

We have enjoyed a ‘Titanic Day’, dressing up for a first or third class ‘voyage’ in class. We retold and acted what really happened 100 years ago and today we were lucky to have a real-life Titanic actor from the Island’s Savoyards, John Kerr, who came dressed as Mr Murdoch, the first officer on the bridge when the fatal ice-berg was hit. The children came up with lots of questions for him to answer. Thank you John. Do come in and see our 3D Titanic display of the boat going down!

We have learnt about Grace Darling, the light-house keeper’s daughter who saved many lives but who died at a young age. We’re also studying life on a seashore, making sea sculptures and singing lots of sea songs as you can imagine!  If you have any good sea related songs, do let us know.  Among our repertoire, we have, Sun on the water, When I was one, 1 2 3 4 5 once I caught a shark alive, Down by the Bay,  Octopus’s Garden,  A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea, Wade in the water, Yellow Submarine…to name a few.

We are really amazing ourselves with our maths problems which we tackle each day, missing numbers, missing signs, finding the right coins and two-part problems. And in our writing we have been learning about Special words in our writing like verbs, adjectives, nouns, connectives and adverbs. Now we are working descriptive phrases. Thank you for keeping up your regular reading at home and Spelling Bees. It really makes a difference to our learning if we can practice at home.

Mind the showers!

Mr Bryant


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