Register of Interests/Meeting Attendance


Governors are required to provide details of any relevant business interests.    Here is a link to these interests.

Register of Governors Interest September 2018 (amended)

Register of Governors Interest September 2019

The meetings dates for the Governors for 2019-2020 are given below:


Governor Meeting Attendance :

All Governors attend the Full Governing Body (FGB).   There are at least 6 meetings a year.    All Governors also attend either the Assessment, Curriculum and Learning Committee (ACL) or the Finance, Management and Administration committee (FMA).

Below is a link to documents showing the attendance of Governors at these meetings by year

16 – 17 meeting attendance overview

17-18 attendance overview

18-19 attendance overview

The percentage of attendance of Governors at meetings in the academic year 2018-2019 were:

Catherine Brignell      82%                  Hannah Devereux    67%

Perdita Dusgate          73%                   Viv Garrett                94%

Jemma Harding         36%                   Sarah Hussey           94%

*Alex Moffat             100%                   Neil Reed                100%

**Russell Osman     80%                   ** Rachel Pascoe      80%

* Anne Sheath            50%                   Avril Sice                 100%

* Adrian Smith           33%                   **Brian Taplin       80%

Dear Thistlewood      91%

* Resigned from the Governing Body during the year

** Joined the Governing Body during the year


All Governors are on the Full Governing Body.

ACL Membership through 2018-2019:

Catherine Brignell, Hannah Devereux*, Perdita Dusgate, Viv Garrett, Jemma Harding, Sarah Hussey, Rachel Pascoe, Anne Sheath, Brian Taplin, Dean Thistlewood

FMA Membership through 2018-2019:

Hannah Devereux*, Viv Garrett, Sarah Hussey, Alex Moffat, Neil Reed, Russell Osman, Avril Sice

* Changed Committees during the year from the ACL to the FMA.

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