Governors- Who are we?

Northwood Primary School Academy Trust – As at 16th December 2016

Ms Viv Garrett (Appointed, Member*) Chair

(22nd April 2013 – 21st April 2021)chair

I was born and educated on the Island before leaving to train as a teacher in Sheffield.  I taught in schools in the city before joining Sheffield Hallam University and working on Leadership and Management programmes for teachers with the National College for School Leadership and providing leadership courses for headteachers.  I welcome the opportunity to join the Governing Body of Northwood Primary School.

I am a member of both the FMA and the ACL committee.  My area of responsibility is Computing and Year 6.


Mr Alex Moffat (Appointed) Vice Chair

(1st September 2015 – 31st August 2019)


Born in Appley, I returned to the Island in 2000 and live in Wootton. My only child attended Nine Acres Primary, Nodehill Middle, Medina High and College and the Innovation VI form campus: he is now in his second year at university.

Currently employed as the school business manager at Haylands Primary School in Ryde, I have 15 years professional experience in education finance and administration both at school and local authority level. I was previously the school’s financial adviser for all Island schools and supported Northwood through its academy conversion on a consultancy basis.

I am delighted to have been appointed to Northwood’s governing body and look forward to utilising the full depth of my knowledge and experience to support, and when appropriate challenge, the school leadership in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our pupils.

I am chair of the FMA committee.

Dr Catherine Brignell (Appointed)

(1st June 2015 – 31st May 2019)

Dr B


I am the Chair of the ACL committee. My area of responsibility is Science.


Mrs Jemma Harding (Appointed)

(1st September 2015 – 31st August 2019)

As a parent, Vice-Principal of a local secondary school and advocate of providing children with a well-balanced and broad education, when the opportunity of being a school governor was offered, I was very keen to support. Whilst a background in school senior leadership and Ofsted plays a valuable role as a governor, nothing is more comforting than knowing that I can continue to have an active role in improving children’s educational attainment and opportunities outside of my own school too.

Northwood Primary has always impressed me as a school that is dedicated and committed to ensuring thatchildren have a varied and happy experience. As an active governor, I feel privileged to be part of this team and look forward to working with the children, staff and the local community.

I am a member of the ACL committee. My area of responsibility is the Foundation years.


Ms Sarah Hussey (Ex-officio, Headteacher)

(Continuous term of office)

I am a member of both the FMA and the ACL committees.

Mr Neil Reed (Appointed)

(1st June 2015 – 31st May 2019)

Neil R

Born and raised on the Island, I moved to Northwood Village 10 years ago. My son attended Northwood Primary until last year so I have seen first hand how good and supportive the school is and can be. I would like to utilise the skills I have gained over the years running my own company (pet supplies business) and am looking forward to actively fulfilling my role as a school governor.

I am a member of the FMA committee.  My area of responsibility is science.

Mrs Anne Sheath (Elected, Parent)

(13th May 2013 – 12th May 2021)

I am a parent governor with three children at the school. I have a busy home life, and enjoy being part of a school community which constantly aims to provide a caring and inspiring environment for the educational and social well being of all within its care.

I am a member of the ACL committee.  My area of responsibility is Pupil Premium and Mathematics.

Mrs Avril Sice (Appointed, Staff)

(13th May 2013 – 12th May 2021)

My children came to Northwood and it was shortly after they started that I became a parent governor. I remained involved and am now a staff governor. I am committed to supporting the school and helping to shape its future.

I am a member of the FMA committee.  I am Development governor and responsible for Health and Safety and Premises.

Mr Adrian Smith (Appointed)

(1st June 2015 – 31st May 2019)

Adrian S

I am the parent of two children who have attended Northwood Primary.  I have seen both my children develop in this fabulously supportive, caring and ambitious school.  I would like to contribute to the continuing success of Northwood in my role as school governor.

I am a member of the FMA committee.  My area of responsibility is PE.


Mr Dean Thistlewood (Appointed)

(15th December 2016 – 14th December 2020)

I was a pupil at Northwood Primary School from 1991 until 1995, and have fond memories of the school and the staff. In 2013 I linked up with Northwood again as the allocated Education Welfare Officer and I have met some of you at parent events over the years. In 2016 my son started in Apple Tree and I stepped away from this role, but the lure of Northwood was too strong and I was delighted to be asked to join the Governing Body. My working life has been spent working with children and young people and I hope the skills and knowledge from my day job, I can bring into my role as Governor.

I am a member of the ACL committee.  My area of responsibility is Safeguarding.

Perdita Dusgate (Parent Governor)

(14th December 2017 – 13th December 2021)


Hannah Devereux (Parent Governor)

(14th December 2017 – 13th December 2021)



Governors who have stood down in the last twelve months:

Mrs Wendy Bluestone (Appointed, Member) 1st April 2013 – 31st August 2016

Mrs Sarah Collier – (Appointed Parent) 1st June 2015 – 31st August 2016

Mrs Hayley Williams – (Appointed Parent) 1st April 2013 – 31st August 2016

Mrs Kate England – (Appointed, Member) 1st September 2016 – 31st July 2017

Mrs Bobby Lock – (Appointed, Parent) 1st September 2016 – 31st July 2017


Mrs Jo Parkinson (Clerk to Governors)

I was delighted to be appointed as the Clerk to the Governing Body in 2015.  I have many years of experience in governance in the charity and health sectors, as well as in adult education and I will utilise my knowledge and experience to support and guide the Governing Body, ensuring a bright future for the school.

To contact any of our governors, please call the School Office (01983 293392), or email [email protected]


Academy trusts do not have shareholders; they have members.  The role and rights of members is analogous to that of shareholders. Members of an academy trust do not have rights of ownership in the company like shareholders because the profits of the company cannot be distributed to them. However, the members can control changes in the constitution (subject to DfE approval) and other fundamental decisions relating to the academy trust. Members also have the right to remove a governor by ordinary resolution (a vote passed by a simple majority of members).


Northwood Primary School Academy Trust has an additional three members –

Mrs Wendy Bluestone, Mr Mark Horton and Mr Richard Quigley.















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Relationships are strong among the whole school community.

— 2017 Ofsted
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