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Welcome to Willow Tree

Key Stage: One


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Willow Team is a happy, energetic and exciting year 2 class. Our learning is always active and the children have the opportunity to develop their skills through creative and stimulating activities. Our aim is to challenge the children at every opportunity and we are strong promotors of the “Growth Mindset”. We encourage the children to have the confidence to share their ideas, and we are never afraid of making mistakes; in fact we use them to help us to learn.

A day in Willow Tree

Busy, Busy, Busy!  Our day begins with a settling activity based upon the literacy or numeracy learning of the previous day. We follow a daily phonics programme which aims to build upon and embed the skills gained in year 1.

In literacy the children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of writing styles, and are encouraged to experiment with different types of punctuation and grammar. We enjoy developing our literacy skills through drama, art, story-telling and games.

In year 2, we follow a Maths Mastery Programme which builds confidence and self-esteem. We understand that all children are different and each day our activities enable every child to succeed. The children are encouraged to select their own level of learning: Tricky, Trickier, or Trickiest and are taught to rise to the challenge. Imagine how boring learning would be if it was easy?

Afternoons in Willow are lively and practical, wherever possible topic work is covered through cross curricular activities, and our ultimate aim is to have fun as we learn!

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The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.

— 2017 Ofsted
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