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Key Stage: Two


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Positive, supportive and challenging – these three words are central to what Sycamore Class is all about! In year 5, we understand the importance of encouraging independence in all the children as well as supporting everyone’s learning needs. If you come into the class, you will see children who are engaged, motivated and focused on their learning. We try our best to foster an atmosphere where children aren’t afraid to have a go and make mistakes.

Sycamore is a class full of children who love reading! We always have a class book on the go and we encourage all the children to read a broad range of fiction and non-fiction books, both in school and at home.

In English, as well as developing our creative writing skills, we also focus on improving our spelling, punctuation and grammatical ones. Throughout the year, the children will have many opportunities to draft, publish and share their writing. Each week the children will also have spelling homework.

In Maths, our aim is to make sure that every child has the best possible chance to master all the different concepts in the year 5 Maths curriculum. Each week the children will carry out a range of tasks that improve their mathematical fluency and then move on to solving problems where they can deepen their understanding. Our motto in Maths is ‘No one gets left behind!’ At the same time, we want to challenge and extend the children’s maths skills. The children will be given weekly maths homework that practises and consolidates any key ideas or skills that they’ve recently covered in class.

In Sycamore class, we also enjoy a really broad curriculum. Please take the time to ask your child to tell you about the many different subjects they cover.

In our class, as well as Mr Steed, we also have Mrs Kirby, who supports the children’s learning. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you want to talk about any issues regarding your child. You can catch us before the school day starts, or speak to Mr Steed after school. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can email me on my school email address. We are really keen to work alongside all the parents to help make year 5 a great learning experience for your children.

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Pupils enjoy coming to the school and their attendance is good.

— 2015 Ofsted
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