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Welcome to Oak class.

Key Stage: Two


Teaching Assistants:

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Oak class is where all the year 6 children learn; we are challenged from the moment we step into the class until the moment we leave at the end of the school day. In year 6, we understand the importance of independence and practice applying this throughout all our lessons. Mr Emmett is the man who has the challenge of helping us through some tough obstacles as well as preparing us for the transition into secondary school.

Mr Emmett prides his class on their maturity and the fact that all the children in year 6 can set a positive example to the new children that enter our school. The things we learn in year 6 are linked to real life situations and we enjoy the fact we can learn about current debates and topics which affect our society as well as those around us. We ensure that we promote all of our British Values.

In maths, Mr Emmett makes sure that we fully understand new concepts and then broaden that knowledge so we can master these ideas! We’re given some real tricky tasks to complete which challenge us all.

Within literacy, he understands that we all have creative ideas. He doesn’t enjoy marking identical pieces of work and so promotes the uniqueness of the writing styles that the class offers. We make sure that all of the grammar and punctuation skills we have learnt are put into our writing pieces.

In May, we sit our SATs exams – these are t0ugh but we start preparing for them in January and are supported extremely well by everyone at Northwood! At the end of the year, for our leavers trip, we go off the island and relax!

To help us all in Oak class, we’re joined by Mrs Bridgeman – she’s a really great help and can take us off in small groups to work if and when we need it!


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My husband and I love this school and really appreciate the fact the teachers and support staff will listen to any concerns we have.

— Parent
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