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Stepping from Year 2 into Year 3 is a big step in our children’s lives but be assured, that in Elm Team we work very hard at getting that transition into Key Stage 2 just right. This is helped by the fact that Mr Bryant has spent 13 years in Years 1 and 2 before reaching the dizzy heights of Year 3. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Chisholm who is our teaching assistant in Elm Team.

Elm Team is a friendly, lively class of Year 3 children who believe in living every moment! Each child has a ‘Home’ table where they have ‘Morning Maths’ to tackle. They have learned the maths previously so it is more of a consolidation and practice time. Revisiting is the key to any learning.

In English, we continue from the Year 2 curriculum, using our reading and writing skills to improve and learn the Year 3 English Curriculum of spellings, punctuation and grammar. Spellings practise take place daily and at home with Spelling Bees. Our knowledge of punctuation and grammar now moves on to using conjunctions, inverted commas, prefixes and suffixes, subordinate clauses and word families! No wonder that this also is a daily practice. All our writing is based on our topic of the time. A big focus for us, before we write, is to talk first – Talk for Writing. So having writing partners to share and work with is great. This process helps the children to find and use the words they need, before using a pencil. In some cases we can tell a whole story just by using pictures. We are also using and strengthening our memory during this talking and recalling process. We are focussing too on our hand-writing. To help this gain some momentum, Elm Team children are currently using two handwriting books at school, one for their daily spellings and one for their phonics.

We all have a reading partner too. Again if a child is struggling with a word, their partner can help and vice versa. In Elm Team there are about 1000 books that we have collected just for our class ranging from popular picture books and chapter books by some of our best authors to non-fiction reference books where we can find out things. These are books about animals, the Earth, Space, habitats, technology, mini-beasts, music, geography and history. We spend time in guided reading groups with Mr Bryant, also known as ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class), when we share the same book and we are asked questions about the story to see if we have understood what we have read. We love collecting facts so we all have a Fact book each, to write things down that we have found out.

In our daily Maths lessons, we wake our brain up with a warm-up game or two and then practise new mathematical skills. Sometimes we don’t even write anything down but instead we are playing games that help us become more confident at what we are learning. As we become more confident, Mr Bryant will give us problems to make us think more deeply so that we use our skills. We work hard at counting in different steps – in 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, and 4s and 8s. We then move onto saying our times-tables as confidently as we can. We have discussed why we learn to add, take-away, divide and times numbers – because we need these skills in the real world to solve real-life problems.

A day in Elm Team will always include some singing! Old songs, favourite songs and new songs are all enjoyed during any part of the day. It’s wonderful to hear all the class joining in, especially the well-known songs. Google and you’ll find lots of songs, many that we use, plus many ‘pop’ songs by great singers like Adele, Bruno Mars and James Bay are all enjoyed by us all. Music is taught to us by Mr Bryant and this includes musical notes, rhythms, percussion instruments and of course singing. Mrs Burrows teaches us French too. Merci beaucoup, Mrs Burrows. We are learning French words for days of the week, colours and animals.

Together with the rest of the school we are following the International Primary Curriculum which offers many great topics. This year we began with the topic Brainwave. This enabled us to investigate how our brain works, as well as linking with the Growth Mind-set principles that we promote alongside our Golden Rules in school.

In Year 3 we go swimming every week during the autumn term.

No two days are the same in Elm Team. Each child brings something to each day. Every child is supported and respected. Everything positive is celebrated through each day and very special achievements are rewarded with a ‘marble-in-the-jar’ and if the jar is full on Thursday evening, then we all get cake on Friday during Golden Time!

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This is an exceptionally caring, inclusive school.

— Ofsted 2017
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