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For us, each and every day is an exciting journey, packed with new learning, new experiences and of course – our number one focus- new CHALLENGES – to stretch our minds, reinforce learning and test our perseverance. Our bright and spacious classroom enables us to learn in a wide variety of ways, including paired work, group work, circle time and drama activities, and we all work together to ensure that our vibrant and informative wall displays reflect the learning adventures that we experience and enjoy in Year 4.

Our day in Beech Team

Our day always begins with a challenge to warm up our minds for great learning. Then, as if that’s not enough, we head outside (weather permitting) for our Morning Run. This ensures that we’re all set for our Learning Journey.

Just because we all love a challenge in Beech Team, we often begin our Literacy Lessons with a quick burst of grammar or a sentence game linked to the genre we are studying. This year we aim to become apostrophe experts, subordinate clause champions and fronted adverbial professionals. We look at a wide range of genres in Year 4, including recounts, diaries, letters, explanation writing, adventure stories and newspaper reports. In order to literally submerge ourselves in a particular type of writing, we engage in a range of exciting Talk for Writing or drama activities, share ideas and spot the main features until eventually we are ready to plan and write our own independent piece. Once Mrs Burrows has marked it and given us an abundance of praise, as well as any next steps guidance that might help us along the way, we are then ready to edit and finally redraft. Ultimately, we achieve a piece of work we’re really proud of.

In Year 4 we love Reading too. We read in small groups every day, but also have Book Buddies within the class who we listen to at least 3 times a week. Our Book Corner in the classroom, as well as our weekly Library visit help to ensure that there is no excuse for not having our head in a good book and our teacher is Reading mad! Weekly spellings to learn accompany us all home too – these will be set to suit differing abilities within the class and will for most children cover the Year 4 High Frequency Words set out in the National Curriculum.

Maths is always exciting in Beech Team. We’ve taken on board the new Mastery Maths curriculum and now each lesson is a fast moving, challenge packed Learning experience. Speedy tables with a dice or one of our new games, such as Totality warm us up as a starter. Then it’s straight into our main learning. At present we’re focusing on place value, including rounding, ordering, negative numbers and Roman numerals. Our work is always centred round reasoning and problem solving, with continuous reinforcement of the strategies on hand to assist children, such as drawing, listing, using practical equipment or making an estimate. Each lesson concludes with the Pudding or Plenary which often provides an opportunity for each individual or partners to reflect on their own learning with the use of colour coding or smiley faces, or may present a new challenge to reinforce prior learning.

During Literacy, Maths and Reading activities, our highly experienced Learning Support Assistant, Mrs Peters, works with individuals or small groups to provide additional support or reassurance.

In our school we follow units from the International Primary Curriculum. This year we began with the topic Brainwave. This enabled us to investigate how our brain works, as well as linking with the Growth Mindset principles that we promote alongside our Golden Rules in school.

In Year 4 we also have a unique opportunity. For 25 years now our school has kept a link with Southern Road Primary School in London. In Beech Team each child writes a letter at the beginning of the year, telling another child a little about themselves and their interests. This is then sent to Southern Road where the letters are carefully given out to a class there. Each Beech Team child then receives a reply from their very own pen pal. We aim to write at least twice and then in March we have the wonderful opportunity to visit our pen pals in London. Finally, during the summer term our pen pals come for an overnight visit, during which we have a trip to the beach, a picnic, a Talent Show and a barbecue. These experiences are ones that your child will remember for years to come. In fact, last year a former pupil, now aged 17, asked to accompany us on the trip to London because she had enjoyed it so much herself in Year 4.

So if you’re one of the special team members in Beech Team already we hope you’re enjoying the adventure so far, and if you’re not, well, what are you waiting for – come and join us for an exhilarating, exciting and memorable year.

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