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Sycamore Team – Year 5 (Mr Steed)

Autumn term

                                         This term Aspen and Lime are basing our work around the wild and whacky world of Roald Dahl. We will be reading a range of books including “Georges Marvellous Medicine”, “The Witches” and “James and the Giant Peach” and basing our work around this. Marvellous mixtures will be made and chemistry involving mixtures, solutions and crystal making will take place. … Continue reading

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Half Term homework for Years 5 and 6

            Things that go bump in the night! Why do we celebrate Halloween with pumpkins and “Trick or Treat”? Why do all the nasty things pick October 31st to put in an appearance? Choose 2 aspects of Halloween and research their history and significance. Then present your findings by a suitable way: a Powerpoint with spooky sound effects or a … Continue reading

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The Guitar man!

Louis first show. —  Well done Louis!!!! Click on this link!

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Thursday 22nd March 6pm. In the mobile. An information evening for the parents of Year 6 children. We can tell you how to support your child, and answer any questions you may have. The manager of Waterstones book shop will also be in school  selling SATS revision guides if you are interested.    

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Maths Homework Ms. Redfern’s group

SET Friday 16/3/2012 DUE Thursday 22/3/2012 Learn 4x tables and division facts in little blue books this week. This homework can be written on the worksheet or in the children’s books. Section 1 Measurement. Sections 2,3 and 4 Probability. Don’t forget. 10 of the best! (Mental arithmetic) See how quickly you can do these, time yourself.  

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Maths homework for Ms. Redfern’s group.

SET Friday 9/3/2012 DUE Thursday 15/3/2012 Section 1 Practise using  multiplication tables and division facts using the opposite to find answers. Section 2 Practise long multiplication, most children will use the grid method. Do not use a calculator, and show all your working out please. 10 of the best. Mental arithmetic. See how fast you can do these. Time yourself. … Continue reading

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English Homework – To be handed in Tuesday 21st February.

Please see attached document. TV Conversation.  

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English Homework due in on Tuesday 7th February.

Titanic information for answering questions Use the link above! Please think of 5 questions to ask about this text. Write them on a piece of paper so that I can give them to someone else in the class to answer. At least 3 of the questions should be “Why do you think…..” or “How do you know……”  or ” What … Continue reading

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Welcome to Aspen and Lime’s first webpage.

    Themes: Our theme this half term has been “The Media” and the children have been researching the day they were born to find news items related to the year or date of their birth. They have also enjoyed using digital video cameras to film a news report. They are currently learning to use editing software and add sound … Continue reading

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Homework to be handed in on Tuesday 31st Jan Please see link below for homework! More uses of semi-colons Mrs Hayward

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