Academy Trust

Academies are publicly funded independent schools.

Academies don’t have to follow the national curriculum and can set their own term times. They still have to follow the same rules on admissions, special educational needs and exclusions as other state schools.  We do follow the national curriculum and also follow the Isle of Wight LA term dates. 

Academies are funded directly from the government, not the local authority. They’re run by an academy trust which employs the staff.

Here at Northwood, we are a stand-alone academy  This structure allows our school to be governed by its own established academy trust, benefitting from independence from local authority control, and with the freedom to decide on staff policy, the curriculum and length of the school day and terms.

Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

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My husband and I love this school and really appreciate the fact the teachers and support staff will listen to any concerns we have.

— Parent
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