News Club

Some members of Key Stage 2 have joined News Club to report on events happening in their classes and in school.
Meet the team!!

News club
Hi I’m Adam. I’m in oak class (which is year 6).My favourite subject in school is maths (because I’m really good at it). When I go to the beach I really like collecting stones. My favourite thing to do at home is play command and conquer on my computer. I have two rabbits called Shadow and Elsa.

I’m Elena I’m in Beech year 4 I like art and writing. My grandparents own a farm. My grandfather is the mayor of Yarmouth he grows potatoes and has two pigs. My nan loves flowers and has just finished making all of her jam.

Breaking news hi my name is Nick I like Lego and minecraft and chocolate. Here is minecraft.

Hi my name is Thomas and I like cars.

September 21st – 25th
On September the 22nd and 23rd Northwood school has had their individual pictures, and there pictures with their siblings {if they have siblings}. They were taken out of there class to have their pictures taken by Chris Bamber. The children will bring home details on how you can go on atlas images and view the photos ready to make an order.

BREAKING NEWS!! In PE Year 5 and 6 learned a shoulder pass.

This year in year 4 we have penpals we write to them and today we have planned our letters and tomorrow we will actually be writing them and sending them. They have 800 pupils 1 big playground and three big canteens for different religions they have 30 different languages spoken in the school.

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— 2017 Ofsted
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