NORTHWOOD Primary School
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A happy New Year and welcome to the Spring Term in Apple Tree.

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Our theme for this half term will be Journeys and Transport.
Jump aboard the Apple Tree train as we find out about modern and vintage trains.
We will catch the Apple bus and plane to many destinations both local and globally.
We will learn the Green Cross Code.
We will be finding out about different countries around the world and linking with our Global Partner to explore where milk comes from and the Milk products they eat in India.
We will read stories from different countries and learn traditional English stories that we can recount and write our own versions.
We will begin Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds.
We will celebrate Chinese New Year. Preparing stir fry, making coolie hats, writing Chinese numbers and fortune cookies.
We will taste exotic fruit from and begin our healthy five fruit/vegetable challenge a day.
A new group of children will be enjoying Forest School and learning new skills with Mrs. Essery.

Plus so much more …