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Seeds of Change

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In this half term we will be learning about growing our own vegetables and flowers.

We will:
Welcome our new entrant children as they begin their regularly weekly visits.
Learn about how seeds/plants grow and what they need to survive.
Learn, recall and act a range of stories.
Use information books/presentations to learn about plant growing.
Plant a variety of seeds and observing the changes that occur as they grow.
Plant our seeds in the school allotment and take care of them as they grow.
Grow cress and make delicious sandwiches to eat.
Problem solve and measure with beans.
Sort a range of beans and study the varieties available.
Design and make seed packets.
Explore and develop our physical skills both inside and outside using a range of equipment.
Find out about the water cycle and record the weather over one week.
Design and make watering devices.
Look closely at flowers and design and make our own to sell in the flower shop.
Use ICT programs to paint flowers and take digital photos of our seeds growing.
Enjoy attending Forest School with Mrs. Essery and Laura
Plus so much more …