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Spring Term – Years 3 and 4 – The Tudors

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In Beech and Elm we kicked off the spring term by opening a treasure chest full of clues about our exciting new topic: The Tudors. Then our classrooms transformed into Time Machines allowing us to travel back to the 22nd August 1485 to re-enact the Battle of Bosworth, where Richard III lost the crown to Henry Lancaster, becoming the last British monarch to die on the battlefield.

Through drama, dressing up and singing we’ve learned all about  Henry VIII and his six wives, and in Art we’ve used pastels to produce portraits in the style of Hans Holbein.

Soon we’ll be conducting our own investigations  to try to discover why  Henry’s flagship, The Mary Rose, sank as it left Portsmouth to fight the French. We’ll research how the children of Henry VIII fared as Tudor monarchs and dip into some Shakespearean drama. And, as if that’s not enough, we’ll take a swashbuckling sea voyage around the world with Francis Drake and head off to London to visit the Tower of London or meet our pen pals.