Apple Tree Class Parent Phonic Sessions

We were delighted with the response by parents to our recent invitation to visit the classroom and observe a phonic lesson. Below are some of their comments:

‘Brilliant seeing how you teach the kids in class, I picked up a few pointers I can use at home. Thank you.’

‘It was good to see how Mrs. Strand teaches the sounds/letters – very useful for teaching my child correctly at home.’

‘It was a learning lesson for me too. It helped me to understand how the tunes go.’

‘Knowing how to sound out words with arm movements. It was nice to see the learning environment and my child involved with it, and obviously enjoying it. Learning what a digraph was!’

‘How to help my child sound out and sing various letters and sounds. Thank you for this event it was lovely to see work in progress.’

‘It was lovely to see different ways of engaging children in how to learn their phonics. The story Mrs. Strand tells for each ‘sound phonic’ is a great idea in helping children remember the sound and action.’

‘How the children’s attention was caught so well and how pro-active the learning was – long gone are the days at the desk! I was very impressed and wanted to stay for longer!’

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— 2017 Ofsted
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