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Newsletter 22nd March 2013

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 Year 3/4 football: The team played Yarmouth in the Semi-Finals of the cup on Wednesday. It was an incredibly tense and exciting match. By half time we were 3-0 up, but Yarmouth managed to pull 2 back and the last few minutes were very exciting! The final is next Wednesday at Queensgate Primary in East Cowes and we will be playing the The Bay Primary School from Sandown. Man of the Match this time was Toby Margham who made some fantastic saves. Well done to all of the team and the supporters who braved the cold to cheer them on.
 East Dene: The year 5’s undertake their big adventure next week. We doubt that the weather will have improved in any way so please make sure the children are prepared for all eventualities! Fingers crossed that Spring arrives over the weekend!
 London Trip: The years 3 and 4’s had a great day in London despite the weather. The year 3’s had a fabulous time in the Olde Operating Theatre and learnt lots about medicine through the ages. The year 4’s spent an interesting day at Southern Road school, meeting their pen-pals and attending lessons with them. We know many of you spent an anxious day worrying about them, but the experience is so valuable and they were in very safe hands.
 Easter Holidays Make – Over: We now have the promise of free paint and a small amount of resources such as rollers and buckets. If you have any decorating equipment that you could lend to our DIY team over the holidays we would be extremely grateful. Please let the office know if you are intending to come and help we really do need you!
 Supporters of Northwood: Thank you to those of you who attended the meeting on Wednesday evening. More fund-raising events are being planned for the Summer Term. We have given the PTA a wish list of equipment we would like to purchase for the playground and Early Years Area, we will let you know when it all arrives in school. Thank you for your donations as they really do help.
 Comic Relief: We raised a grand total of £453.01. Thank you and well done to all those children that raised over £200 of that total through their sponsored activities.
 New Northwood Vicar: The new Vicar visited school on Thursday. Her name is Amanda Collinson and she is very keen to be a part of our school community. You will see her around school in the near future.
 Beech Team: Next week is Mrs Burrows last week in school before she starts her maternity leave, but you will of course still see her dropping off and picking up Emily from Apple Tree class. Miss Cook has been in this week to have a hand-over meeting and we are really looking forward to her becoming a temporary part of the Northwood Team. Of course we wish Mrs Burrows the best of luck and will be saying our goodbyes on Thursday.
Callum Dale, Charlie Kermode, Jack Nutter, Daniel Martin, Tai-La Waddams and Jordan Dexter in Aspen
Ava Newton, Leo Gardner, Daniel Lythgoe and Louis Thompson in Lime
Kira Plant, Sophie Brooke, Callan Eade and Owen Hunt in Beech
Oak and Elm will be included next week.
Homemade Burger in a Bun with Hint of Cajun Wedges
Vegetable Chilli with Rice
Garden Peas and Sweetcorn
Oaty Fruit Crumble with Custard
Roast Pork with Roast Potatoes and Gravy
Quorn Roast with Roast or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Cabbage and Carrots
Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Wholemeal Chocolate Crunch
Homemade Chicken and Sweetcorn Pie with Mashed Potato OR
Cheese and Tomato Pizza with Jacket Wedges
Broccoli and Carrots
Mixed Salad
Pear and Cinnamon Pudding with Custard
Chicken Wraps with Cous Cous
Jacket Potato with Cheese
Peas and Coleslaw
Vegetable Sticks
Ice Cream Bar with Toppings