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SON February 2013 Newsletter

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Welcome to the first PTA newsletter of 2013. We thought
it would be a nice idea to let you know where the money
that you’ve raised will be used and also let you know
about upcoming fundraising events.
As a parent/carer of a child at Northwood, you are
automatically members of the PTA. Any help you give at
any of the events is very much appreciated.
February 2013
We raised:
£1394 – Christmas fayre
£33 – sale of Santa photos
£33.10 – tea/coffee at Tag Rugby event and Carol concert
£525 – nativity DVD’s, photo cards, baubles, tea/coffee
Total amount raised during
December – a whopping £1985.10!

We spent:
£900 – coaches for whole school to attend ‘The Jungle Book’ at Planet Ice
£275 – yr 3 /4 football kit
We will also be contributing towards the yr 3 / 4 London trip and pen
pal visit

How to raise money for your school
Suttons seed catalogue
You can find these in the library. Please help yourself to a catalogue
although we ask that they are returned after use so that they can be
re-distributed (due to limited supply). For every £5 spend, £1 is
donated to the school.
Please return completed order forms (with money) to the office by
Friday 15th February so that the first order can be sent off.
Thank you Kelly Way for this fab fundraising idea!
Don’t forget to shop online via www.easyfundraising.com From
buying the latest book to the weeks groceries, you can raise money
for the school and it will not cost you a penny! If you need further
information or help setting this up, let us know. Detailed instructions
can be collected from the school office.
Yellow Moon (children’s craft supplier
Yellow Moon (www.yellowmoon.org.uk) will donate up to 20%
cashback to school when you place an order with them. Just
remember to quote ‘SNO1213’ when prompted to enter the school
source code.
We welcome all fundraising ideas and suggestions. Any feedback is very valuable so do not hesitate to get in touch. Please see any PTA member, or drop a note into the office which will be passed on or use our new email address –
[email protected]

Coming Soon:
Calendar of events
14th February Valentines cake stall (all classes to donate)
1st March – Quiz night
6th March – Yoga evening
7th March – Make a Mother’s Day gift (after school event)
Easter egg hunt – date to be confirmed