Who Am I?

Welcome back everyone.  We are pleased to start the new year with a new topic.  For the next half term we will be working on the topic “Who Am I?”  We will be learning about the human body and how to keep fit and healthy.  We will be looking at how we have changed since we were babies and celebrating how we are all individuals.

We will be starting with a challenge.  We would like everyone to bring in a shoe, and we will be trying to guess who brought in each shoe.  It would be an idea to try and find a shoe that gives us a clue to a hobby you may have, for example if you like gardening maybe a welly, or if you do ballet dancing a ballet pump.  If you are able to leave your shoe in school then we will put it on display.


Do you have a secret hobby that will amaze us?  Do you do something exciting each weekend?  Are you a fantastic cook? We are looking forward to finding out more about you all!


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